Remote Medical Supervision

What does it do?

  • register/edit/manage



    Register Patients with their symptoms and medical condition at the time of check-in, and compose the reports for senior doctor to prescribe them with medicine.

  • register/edit/manage

    staff members


    Register Staff Member and assign them their access level to limit their access to the Portal. View Staff log to monitor any unauthorized action.

  • register/edit/manage

    branches/medical camps


    Register Branch/Medical Camp/Head Office to manage your Staff, Patients, Reports and Medicine Stocks.

  • register/edit/manage



    Create your own Medicine Directory and assign the code, category and price for them. and manage what information should be visible to what access level.

  • update/manage

    medicine stocks


    Assign Medicine to your Branches and monitor the Stock from anywhere as you Prescribe the Patients.

  • you decide what should be visible

    global permissions


    Let you have complete control over your system and let you define what Global Permissions and Privacy Policies should be applied.

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